Situation X is an alternative version of Interpretation #6 from the book. It’s also an interactive art installation that first opened at Noise Gallery in Bloomington, Indiana in September of 2017. Situation X was also an  invited exhibition at the AHVA Art Gallery in the Audain Art Centre at the University of British Columbia from November 14, 2019 to January 10, 2020. As an exhibition, Situation X is a space filled with motley anarchist agendas, street attitudes, and the “underground” soundtrack of Lima’s rock subterráneo. It seeks to uncover a political realm beyond the familiar Cold War dichotomy of communist militants and repressive Third World states while keeping covered the actors that lived and died there, or thought of liberation or fell into their very own no future there. The designs combine photocopied historical sources, significant objects, and images/text that 60+ participants from 6 different countries submitted for the project. Submissions for the project can be found here along with names (and nicknames) of the contributors. Photography by Shad Gross.